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What all brides want from Gold Coast wedding photographers and three things not to Fear

Brides may dream of a picturesque wedding in Australia’s Braeside Chapel and want a reception party where guests can enjoy landscaped gardens near Gin House Creek. They want something more when it comes to having the best Gold Coast wedding photographer capturing the best moments of their wedding. Brides want photos that capture their confidence and make them look their best on their big day.

There are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the best wedding photos and a professional Gold Coast wedding photographers know this. It is important to choose a wedding photographer from the Gold Coast that makes you feel confident about your wedding. But, they ease fears, too.

Say no thank you to some posed Photo

No bride wants to enjoy the beauty of Kirra Hill in a forced, unnatural position. A Gold Coast wedding photographer can capture the best photo of you at your wedding reception while you are unaware and not always look directly into the camera lens. You do not need to pose!

Do you worry the photo of you and the bridal party cooling off in Surfer’s Paradise will look silly? Your wedding photographer in the Gold Coast can capture you at your best and suggest the best moments to document for your wedding. Gold Coast wedding photographers are pros who are committed to you and they can help you plan the best destination wedding venue for a Gold Coast wedding.

No reason to fear that you will not get your wedding photos on Time

Brides may fear their wedding photos will not be delivered in time to get their wedding photos in the newspaper. If seeing your photo in the paper is that important to you, talk to your wedding photographer at least six months in advance. No bride wants to know their Gold Coast wedding photographers suddenly are canceling a week before the wedding. Develop a plan with your photographer from the Gold Coast and discuss all the options.

Will the photographer also work with you to provide the guests with mementos from the wedding reception? Did you know these mementos are important to 97 percent of brides and grooms that want their guests to have a hard copy of a photo to take home?

No need to fear the awkwardness!

A wedding couple on the Gold Coast may cringe at setting aside 10 to 15 percent of their wedding budget for the best Gold Coast wedding photographer in the area, but brides cannot get good wedding photos without being willing to spend some. The goal is to have wedding photos that will be remembered 10, 30, even 50 years later! Establish a rapport with a wedding photographer on the Gold Coast, before your wedding, and it will ensure you and your wedding photographer want the same things! It may also sign up for engagement photos with the same photographer as the Gold Coast wedding photographer that takes photos of your wedding ceremony. Then, you won’t feel awkward and you have nothing to fear!

Do you have ideas for photos that you want your wedding photographer to take? Ask your Gold Coast wedding photographer before you choose a venue. Glass Slipper Photography offers unique wedding photos for couples who are planning their weddings in Australia. We capture a couple’s story in photos and provide photographs that capture the essence of the smallest moments of the wedding ceremony. Glass Slipper Photography is the photographic talent of Steve ‘Toga’ Tognazzini and his teammate and partner, Keshia Gesundheit. For more about the wedding packages and rates we offer, please visit us at: