Tips to Help You Consult with the Finest  Wedding Photographer at Chateau La Durantie, France

Weddings in France are different from weddings in the United States, Australia or even closer to the continent in the United Kingdom. Weddings at Chateau La Durantie are all truly distinct. From the natural setting to the choice of food, the weather to the grandeur of the venues, everything about weddings in France can contribute to a fairy tale. To capture the essence of the fairy tale and to weave them into a lovely romance, you need an excellent France wedding photographer.

Wedding photography has to be unique. There is no debate that can convince you to do exactly what others have done. You can always take the easier route and replicate the magic that you have come across or witnessed already. Or, you can consult with your France wedding photographer at Chateau La Durantie and plan a truly personalised experience.

Here are some tips to help you have the most satisfying consultation with your France wedding photographer.

You may or may not be aware of the technicalities of wedding photography. You don’t need to and you can let that responsibility rest entirely on the skills of your wedding photographer in France. But you do need to let the photographer in on your plans. Since weddings in France can be very different in various ways, it is necessary for the wedding photographer to know what you are looking for, what kind of details would have to be adhered to at Chateau La Durantie and the kind of challenges those would pose forth. It could be a simple or a lavish wedding, a destination wedding or a theme wedding. Depending on the type of wedding you are planning, you must look for relevant skills and exposure in a photographer. Someone who has worked on weddings like yours is your safest bet. But the ideal approach is to discuss these details and exchange opinions with your France wedding photographer.

Having a photographer who is accustomed with Chateau La Durantie is always better since the venue specific challenges will cease to exist. The photographer would also know the insider’s secrets to find the best places in and around the venue, to make the most of the natural light and how to use the natural as well as decked-up setting to get the best pictures. During the consultation, as you explore the portfolio of the France wedding photographer, also ask how the pro is going to make your album special. Float ideas, clarify perceptions, highlight needs and plan a rehearsal for the desired outcome.

Do you have ideas for photos that you want your wedding photographer to take? Ask your Chateau La Durantie wedding photographer before you decide. Glass Slipper Photography offers unique wedding photos for couples who are planning their weddings in the South of France. They capture a couple’s story in photos and provide photographs that capture the essence of the smallest moments of the wedding ceremony. Glass Slipper Photography is the photographic talent of Steve ‘Toga’ Tognazzini and his teammate and partner, Keshia Gesundheit.


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