Cottage or garden wedding: Chateau La Durantie offers more than a magnificent View

Why not get marry in what is said to be one of the most magnificent places in southwest France? It is not any secret destination brides choose wedding destinations based on location and the Chateau La Durantie offers one of the best wedding venues for brides to feel like royalty and still have a wide range of options for their wedding ceremonies. Built in the 1830s, this chateau is one of the best places to host magnificent weddings in France. Cottage or garden wedding, brides have options when it comes to the wedding venue and this Chateau does offer guests the splendor of marble-floored showers, 1,500 square feet of living space in the Chateau La Durantie and the coach house.

It is an 1830s chateau that has plenty of space for guests to enjoy its 12 acres of gardens, orchard, tennis courts, pool (which may be heated), and a couple may host a reception which features some of France’s finest cheese, duck confit, eggplant caviar, onion chutney and smoked trout. With a private chef on staff, brides can arrange a reception menu that satisfies guests and allows them to sample in-season produce, etc.

Home away from home: Relaxed setting for France wedding photographer to get Smiles

The wedding preparation can be a stress on couples. A bride may want a picture-perfect wedding and details do matter for an outdoor garden, park wedding, or an indoor wedding fit for a duke!  Another nice thing if a couple does marry in one of the most romantic places in southwestern France is there is no shortage of fun activities for guests. Did you know one out of every four wedding destinations are chosen based on the location alone? From the classic pool reception to horseback riding, a France wedding photographer can capture the in-the-moment fun to the sweetest, precious poses. Guests have options to have fun – with a sandy beach nearby, canoeing, golfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding minutes from the 15-acre chateau and coach house.

Take the mix of antiquities in the Chateau La Durantie, paired with seven flat screen televisions, Wi-Fi, a grand hall with dining room, La Cornue oven and gas hobs and coffee machine, this home of a Duke and statesman offers all the comforts you think of when you are home. A France wedding photographer can take photos of a bride in a relaxed setting before vows are said.

Choose one of the places that offer weddings in France that match a couple’s Needs

Many wedding venues that say they offer weddings in France may not offer the vital services a bride needs – beyond a wedding ceremony and reception. For example, the Chateau La Durantie has a nanny on staff and a wedding planner that can help couples stretch pounds further for a spectacular wedding venue – at a great price!

A couple can afford to get a France wedding photographer who knows the green, rolling hills in the area well. If you are weighing your options to marry in southwest France, why not choose a location that meets the regal theme and offers a wide range of activities for guests? The Chateau La Durantie fills all these boxes on a checklist and more!

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