wedding photography gold coast

What does your wedding photography photos on the Gold Coast says about You?

Some people may think it is easy to find Gold Coast wedding photographers to take photos for their wedding albums. The truth is there may be many wedding photographers. Nevertheless, they may not match the style you want for your Gold Coast wedding photography. For example, if you want to create an atmosphere that may be slightly over-the-top, do you know where to have your wedding photography on the Gold Coast taken?

One of the best venues for a boho chic or over-the-top ceremony theme is Couran Cove or Palazzo Versace. What may this type of venue say about the bride needing Gold Coast wedding photographers for their destination wedding? It says the bride has a taste for finer things and enjoys regular pampering. However, it also says the bride has pride in herself and her appearance.

What else may that wedding photography on the Gold Coast say about a Bride?

Wedding photography is not about having dramatic or cinematic photos for the big day. It also is about choosing a venue that matches your personality and makes a statement. Why not have barn weddings? Some wedding couples may think having barn themed wedding photography on the Gold Coast is for brides who only want a country themed wedding. The nice thing about barn weddings is that they can be moulded into anything that you wish. They can be a DIY affair, with great wedding photography on the Gold Coast or they can be a tres chic affair. What does a barn wedding say about the bride? This is a bride that knows how to have fun and she and her groom can be cool at the same time.

You may want a garden wedding that incorporates the outdoors and organic elements to create a romantic scene. Rosser Park or Gold Coast Botanical Gardens are perfect locations for garden weddings and both are only 10 minutes from Surfer’s Paradise. Having a wedding among the flowers says you have a sense of style and love to be a trendsetter, ahead of the curve. At the same time, you also love vintage elements and modern things at the same time.

What type of wedding do you have in mind? A beachfront ceremony or a backyard affair? Gold coast wedding photographers can create wedding albums that not only follow a theme, but also attest to the bride’s personality. Have you considered what your wedding venue says about your personality? Have you ever found some wedding venues that you wish you could include on your special day? Glass Slipper Photography offers unique wedding photos for couples who are planning weddings in Australia. We capture a couple’s story in photos and provide photographs that capture the essence of the smallest moments of the wedding ceremony. Glass Slipper Photography is the photographic talent of Steve ‘Toga’ Tognazzini and his teammate and partner, Keshia Gesundheit. For more about the wedding packages and rates we offer, please visit us at:

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