Four of the best reasons why to hold weddings in France at a beautiful Chateau

If you are planning an intimate, small wedding, Chateau La Durantie is where you can put the ‘R’ in romantic. It’s true the venue has space for 33 guests, with a cottage that will accommodate another ten guests but does not let its size fool you. With its gardens and salon, it is the perfect place – in and out – to create a wedding fairytale and hold a wedding reception for up to 150 people. Bring along a France wedding photographer and it is a recipe to create some truly memorable wedding photos and memories.

Chateau La Durantie is visually stunning and in the heart of France

Who says it isn’t worth it to have a France wedding photographer capture some stunning photos of the French countryside and tender moments with the happy bride and groom. Why not get married in a place that has a rich history and antiques to match? Home to the Duke of Isly, this stunning 1830s chateau makes for the perfect outdoor wedding photo for couples planning weddings in France. Who wouldn’t want to get married in the home of a military leader serving under Napoleon Bonaparte?

Options are open for a France wedding photographer to get the best photos Anywhere

Why should a bride limit herself to simply an indoor wedding? Get married a beautiful chateau in Dordogne, France, and the wedding couple has options – especially if the weather is not cooperating. A France wedding photographer can capture the bride among the fruit trees in the orchard or hold a ceremony in one of the reception rooms. With its grand staircase, this southwestern Chateau La Durantie has the perfect setting for the bride to make a grand entrance. From the beautiful gardens to lavish architecture and antiques, inside and outside provide great wedding photo opportunities for a France wedding photographer to capture the most tender moments at weddings in France.

Easy wedding planner guide to help make any weddings in France affairs to Remember

If you think you cannot afford a wedding in the French countryside, on 12 acres – think again. If a couple hires a wedding planner onsite at Chateau La Durantie, they can better stay on budget and have everything they need on site. From the bistro singer to a live band all night long, it is easy for lovers to have the wedding they want. The cost of between 200 Euros (for the wedding car) to 22250 Euros (for the band) is reasonable – depending on what a bride and groom want. A wedding planner can make sure with the Marquee package, the wedding reception is a great close to a dream wedding. A wedding planner takes the stress away and ensures a bride’s big day is magical.

Fun for guests at Southwest French Chateau

Why not choose such a beautiful location, in Dordogne, to hold a wedding? Surrounded by gardens and an orchard, this 12-acre chateau offers guests access to nearby sight-seeing, canoeing, a sandy beach, trout fishing water skiing, tennis and more.  Have you thought to ask a wedding photographer from the Gold Coast to make sure your wedding toast is a magical moment in your photo album? Glass Slipper Photography does offer unique wedding photos for couples who plan their weddings in Australia. We capture a couple’s story in photos and provide photographs that capture the essence of the smallest moments of the wedding ceremony.

About Us:

Glass Slipper Photography is the photographic talent of Steve ‘Toga’ Tognazzini and his teammate and partner, Keshia Gesundheit. For more about the wedding packages and rates we offer, please visit us at Weddings in France, Chateau La Durantie.


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